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Travel Safety Tips

Traveling may be at the top of everyone’s lists of things to do, but it is important to stay safe while traveling! Below are safety tips to follow when traveling to help ensure you and whomever you may be traveling with stay safe throughout their travels as well:

Make sure someone knows your plans:

This is very important in case something were to happen. Share your itinerary with a friend or family member. Although they do not need to know everything last thing you plan on doing, they should do what time you left point A or when you are supposed to be in point B. If you are in any kind of danger, having someone that knows your plans can make a huge difference.

Scan & copy your important documents:

Don’t leave home without extra copies of your driver’s license/passport. Keep these documents in a separate place from your actual documents in case something gets misplaced or stolen. Additionally, you can even photograph or scan these important items and store them somewhere online such as a dropbox file or a Google drive account where they can be accessed easily online.

Know the area you are visiting before you leave:

Research the area you plan on visiting before you leave to know what you are getting yourself into. Are there dangerous areas you should avoid? If you are traveling internationally it is particularly important to know what you should do in case of an emergency; you should be aware of where the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate is.

Leave unneeded wallet extras at home:

Travel as lightly as possible. If possible, carry 1 credit card, a bank card, and your driver’s license. In case of your wallet being stolen this will save you one large headache of having to remember all the contents you have stored in your wallet.

Carry money and documents ON you:

When you are traveling overseas it is important to keep your documents on you at all times.

Separate your cards and money:

Do not carry all your cards and money together in one place. If you need it all with you at one time, separate it between your bag, and your wallet. And if you leave something in the hotel room – use the safe!

Have an emergency card on you:

In case of an emergency this can definitely come in handy. Include information of someone to contact in case of an emergency and list the emergency numbers that could be useful (police, ambulance, etc.) and the US Embassy/Consulate.

Stay aware of your surroundings:

By being aware of the area in which you are in can save you so many potential dangers. Take inventory of the area and NEVER provide personal information to anyone without proper identification.

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