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Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents

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      Bus Accidents
Fort Lauderdale Bus Accident Attorneys

It is important to choose an experienced attorney for your bus accident case.

South Florida has a robust mass transit system. Each of our counties has extensive bus service to move people from home to work, school, and play. These buses are a tremendous asset to our communities. However, with so many of them on the road, accidents can happen. There are several ways you can be involved in an accident involving a bus:

  •          You can be in another vehicle that collides with the bus
  •          You can be a pedestrian or cyclist hit by the bus
  •          You can be a passenger on the bus during the accident

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale at David W. Singer & Associates, P.A. have the experience to investigate your Broward bus accident to determine what actually happened. We can work to collect the evidence to establish who was responsible for your bus accident and then help you win the compensation you deserve to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and other impacts. In some cases, insurance companies for defendants will work to take advantage of victims who do not have proper legal representation. Our experts know how to hold them accountable so that victims are not left to fend on their own after accidents.

Bus Injury Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

At David W. Singer & Associates. P.A., our priority is helping victims put their lives back together after accidents that were not their fault. After a Broward bus accident, we can help you move on after someone else’s negligence.

The Hollywood injury attorneys at David W. Singer & Associates, P.A. handle all types of accident injury cases in Florida.

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