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Epcot Center Injury Lawyers

Epcot Center Injuries

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      Amusement Park Injuries

In 1982, Epcot Center opened as part of Walt Disney World in Orlando. It joined the Magic Kingdom and other attractions in Disney World as becoming one of the biggest theme parks in the world. Since then, families from around the world have visited Florida to see and enjoy these parks firsthand, and living in Florida gives us the unique advantage of being conveniently located to these parks. As a result, many Broward County residents have been many times. Unfortunately, accidents causing serious injury can happen at Epcot, and when these types of injuries happen, time is often not on the side of the victim. If they are in an accident where the park is responsible, it is not uncommon for the park to actually work to cover evidence of the accident. They do not want to alarm their guests, and they often do not want to do the right thing by victims. They will often try to avoid helping victims with medical bills and other financial obligations victims may face after these events. Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer David W. Singer is prepared to help clients get the compensation they deserve after an Epcot Center accident. He has extensive experience helping the people of South Florida with a variety of legal needs in his more than three decades of experience practicing in our community. If you have been injured at Epcot Center, it is important to contact an attorney to make sure that your rights are protected.

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