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Tips for Safe Teen Driving

Unfortunately, statistics show that teenage drivers account for more auto accidents than any other age group. Through practicing safe driving techniques, the odds will hopefully increase and your teenager (and their passengers) can stay safe on the roads. Below are some great and very important tips to go over with your teen before they begin driving.

Stay away from the phone!

This is one of the most important things to go over with your teen. Cell phones are one of the leading causes of car accidents among teens and can easily be prevented. Multiple studies have shown that using a cell phone while driving is the equivalent of driving drunk. Let your teen know just how important it is to stay away from their phone at all times while driving (even when they are stopped) and just how dangerous it can be.

Turn on your lights:

Headlights are an important feature of cars and allow us as drivers to have increased visibility as well as allow other drivers to see you better even when it is light out.

Obey the speed limit:

Speeding is another major contributor to fatal teen accidents. Explain to your teen driver they should not feel pressured to keep up with the traffic if it seems as if everyone else if flying by. Driving at a safe speed helps to ensure your well-being and can keep you away from expensive traffic tickets that can cause a huge spike in auto insurance premiums!

Keep distractions at a minimal:

As inexperienced drivers, teens are more likely and apt to lose control of their cars. Distractions can significantly increase the chances that they are unable to notice impending danger or lose the ability to control the vehicle.

Drive solo:

The more teen passengers added to the car to higher the risk becomes of a car accident.

Drive defensively:

Make sure you teen understand how important it is for them to be aware of the traffic on the roads while they are driving. They should always be aware of the traffic ahead, behind and next to them, and have possible escape routes in mind. Explain why they should stay at least one car length behind the car in front of them in slower speeds that they should maintain a larger buffer zone with faster speeds.

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