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How Snowbirds Increase the Risk of Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

When winter arrives, many people visit the rest of Florida for warm weather and fun attractions. With several theme parks in the state, visitors come for the great fishing or relaxing on the beach. These visitors are snowbirds, travelers from colder climates. Unfortunately, they often cause increased traffic and raise drivers’ risks of accidents.

bird in snowSnowbirds may not be familiar with local traffic laws, and they’re more likely to be tired from a long drive or distracted because they’re not sure where they should go. Explore the following helpful tips for avoiding accidents with snowbirds.

Don’t Exceed the Speed Limit

Breaking the posted speed limit increases your fuel consumption and raises the risks for you, your passengers, and other drivers. Since people have less reaction time when they drive fast, they often have trouble braking and avoiding obstacles and other cars on the road.

Always drive cautiously to prevent accidents. Instead of speeding, make sure you start with plenty of time to reach your destination and leave at least a few extra minutes for traffic. Be especially cautious after dark because headlights can only help you to see several feet in front of your car.

Be Calm and Courteous 

If you become nervous, angry, or frustrated while driving, you could make a mistake and cause an accident. If you get stuck in traffic, relax and listen to some music or talk to your passengers while you wait and focus on driving safely. Avoid tailgating so that you have plenty of room to brake and prevent accidents.

Be courteous, treat other drivers with respect, and make sure you report any suspicious activity. Also, remember that snowbirds may not be as familiar with the area so driving calmly will help everyone get where they need to be, safer.

Avoid Distractions

You must stay alert while traveling to avoid other vehicles that may not have cautious drivers. Even looking away from the road for a few seconds could increase your risk of an accident.

Watch for people who are driving too slowly or having trouble staying in one lane because they’re talking or texting on their phones. Always keep at least one hand on your steering wheel and try to avoid adjusting your radio or your GPS while you’re driving. If the road you usually take is full of traffic, take an alternate route to save time and avoid the stress.

Be Careful in Parking Lots

In parking lots, many people are so focused on finding a parking space that they may not always notice other cars, shopping carts, and pedestrians. Drive slowly and make sure you look back when you leave a parking spot to avoid fender benders. Use a backup camera to avoid obstacles and keep your vehicle under control at all times.

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