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Travel Safety During the Holidays

With holidays coming up, many of us will be traveling to visit our friends and family. Traveling during the holidays can definitely take its toll; with all the hustle and bustle mixed with thousands of people traveling through airports it is not usually a relaxing time. Below are 3 golden rules everyone should remember when traveling via airplane:

The Flat Tire Rule:

The “flat tire rule” gives check-in agents flexibility to accommodate passengers who may have missed their flight due to any traffic or road issues one may have encountered on the way to the airport. Although many airlines will accommodate, it is still in your best interest to contact your airline provider immediately as soon as you know things are not going well.

Stay Connected:

Download the latest travel apps before leaving home and constantly check on your flight status. This will give you real-time updates on any delays, baggage numbers and more.

Pack Light:

If at all possible, avoid checking bags altogether. This way you will avoid having to wait for your luggage and won’t have to worry about losing your luggage.

Pack Snacks:

You never know how long you will actually be on an airplane – delays can definitely get the best of us. Pack snacks so you and your stomach will be fueled and ready to take on your travel adventure!

Ship Gifts:

TSA suggests to ship your wrapped gifts or wait until you have reached your destination to wrap them as they may have to unwrap a present to inspect it.

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