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How Many People Are Drunk Driving on Halloween?

drunk driving accident lawyerHalloween is meant to be a fun time for parents and children to hit the streets in their spookiest attire.

Unfortunately for responsible trick-or-treaters, many people take the holiday as an opportunity to put others in danger. Drunk driving is a reality every holiday, but it’s arguably never more pertinent to pedestrians than on holidays such as Halloween.

We’re here to give you a brief rundown on Halloween drunk drivers and how to handle them.

Halloween Drunk Drivers

One of the reasons that drunk drivers are so dangerous on Halloween is that so many people, mostly children, are walking the streets. Not only are they walking, but they’re often running and playing in black clothes on the street. In addition, Halloween’s increase in drunk driving threatens other sober drivers on the road.

These facts make Halloween one of the deadliest nights of the year. The combination of vehicles and children on the roads makes a dangerous mix by itself, but it’s amplified when alcohol is involved. The National Highway Traffic Administration stated that almost 45 percent of Halloween road-deaths were a result of drunk driving.

These numbers spike when Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday night. When the holiday falls on weekdays, the weekends before and after are also dangerous. It’s obvious that Halloween is dangerous, but what can be done about it?

Approaching Halloween Night

You’re in a good position if your children are at an age when they can’t trick-or-treat alone. If you’re with your children, make sure to be alert to your surroundings at all times.

Even residential neighborhoods are vulnerable to drunk drivers, so it’s essential that you stay on guard. That being said, try and stay away from busy streets and winding neighborhoods. Plan your trick-or-treating route in a residential area that is straight cut and lacks road blindspots.

If your children are going out alone, it’s key that you prep them for the night. Children should have a decent grasp of road safety by the time they can leave the house alone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go over a few things.

Make sure that they’re looking both ways every time they cross the road. They should also refrain from riding bikes while they’re out on the town with their friends. Riding a bike means more time on the road and more vulnerability to drunk drivers. Also, try and get your children to walk in large groups as they trick-or-treat. One or two children walking is a lot more difficult to spot than a large group. It’s also easier for one child to spot an unruly driver and warn the others.

With more eyes comes more awareness of the road. Following these tips will put your child in the best position to be safe on Halloween night. Even if you live in a low-traffic area, make sure to prep your children on road safety.

If driving the night of Halloween, try to avoid being on the road after 9-10 pm to avoid drunk drivers potentially hitting and injuring you and anyone in your vehicle. We recommend staying as alert as possible and avoiding any distracted driving – one of the biggest contributors of accidents – drunk or sober.

Be Prepared for an Accident

If you or your child are involved in a drunk driving accident, there’s legal action that needs to be taken. You will need quality legal representation in these cases. Halloween drunk drivers are a reality and you should be prepared.

If you’re looking for legal representation or have any questions, we have the information you need.