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Common Mistakes When Making a Personal Injury Claim

Lawyers have many tactics to find incriminating information about you that will have your claim dismissed. However, the following are three of the most common mistakes you can make after your accident and why you should avoid them.


  1. Saying too much: Anything you say from your actual accident to your final claim can be used against you and twisted in a way you never meant. Only share basic facts with your insurance company and never say that it was your fault because all of this relays to a lower amount paid to you. We all love sharing our lives on social media, but anything shared is public and is easily accessible. It’s better to not use social media at all until your claim is resolved because the insurance lawyers will use anything to argue that you are fine and don’t need compensation.
  2. Waiting too long: It is better to get your case started immediately because many clients simply wait too long to file a personal injury claim. Many in these situations want to forget the whole thing ever happened or put off seeking medical help. You should avoid waiting too long because there is a deadline for when you can file a claim and the insurance company will wonder if you’re really hurt since you waited so long.
  3. Accepting too little: There’s nothing worse than going through the claims process only to accept too little. Many will accept the initial offer that the insurance offers, but don’t realize that the initial offer almost never covers all of the upcoming expenses. Sometimes, injuries aren’t obvious and take time to expose themselves, like continuous back pain or headaches, so accepting that first offer may not be enough for your true injuries.

You only get one chance when it comes to a personal injury claim, so avoiding these three common mistakes are the best ways to get the most out of your case. Ready to file a personal injury case? Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help!