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What to Do After a Car Accident Injury & How to Get Full Compensation

A Brief Guide on What to Do After a Car Accident Injury

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, even a minor fender bender, you know how it can leave you shaken. That’s why it’s a good idea to read up on what to do after a car accident injury ahead of time. If it ever happens to you, you’ll be prepared!

Even if you haven’t sustained an obvious injury, it’s important to take these steps as preventative measures. Some injuries, like whiplash and back injuries, might not be apparent immediately but will cause you untold pain and suffering down the line.

1. Safety First

Assess the scene immediately to make sure everyone is safe. Call an ambulance if necessary. Next, turn on your flashers or set up flares surrounding the accident site to prevent additional motorists from getting hurt.

Male Motorist Involved In Car Accident Taking Picture Of Damage

2. Take Notes & Plenty of Pictures of the Crash:

Detailed notes and photos of the scene may help the court and insurance agencies decide who is responsible.

Now that almost everyone carries a smartphone, it’s easy to document the scene of an accident with photographs or even video. Of course, you will want to take photos of the damage done to both cars.

When taking photos of the scene, it’s important to document damage to your vehicle, but the position of vehicles and skid marks can also be crucial to determining exactly what happened in an accident.

Pay particular attention to the road and surroundings, as well. If there is the possibility that weather, road conditions, or improperly maintained infrastructure played a part in your accident, you will want evidence.

You’ll also want to jot down a description of the vehicles involved including the year, make, model and color.

Woman Analyzing Car Accident Damage

3. Do Not Argue About Whose Fault It Was

In fact, it’s best not to discuss the accident at all, except to give your statement to the police. Don’t let the other driver engage you in a debate about what happened.

4. Exchange Information

The only words you should speak to anyone else involved in the accident should concern their personal contact information — name, address, telephone number — and insurance information. Get the license plate number of their car, too.

5. Speak to Witnesses

If there were witnesses to the accident, make sure to get their contact details, too. If your case ends up going to trial, you might need these people to testify on your behalf. Even if a trial isn’t the outcome, the police may want to speak with them. It may be important for your Fort Lauderdale attorney to contact them if it becomes important to interview them about your case.

There are many other types of evidence that are part of making a good personal injury case, and having the right lawyer on your side will give you the best chance to get the answers you deserve about your car accident.

6. Contact the Police

In most jurisdictions, you should call 911 to have a police officer dispatched to the scene. The officer will fill out an accident report. The other party may try to talk you into settling the matter privately, but it never hurts to have official paperwork on file, especially if you think they are at fault for the accident.

emergency room sign

7. Seek Medical Attention

If anyone has sustained life-threatening injuries, calling for an ambulance should be a top priority. However, it’s also important to get yourself checked out even if you only sustained a few scrapes and bruises. As we mentioned earlier, some injuries don’t manifest themselves right away.

In addition to whiplash and back pain, concussions aren’t always readily apparent. And concussions aren’t to be taken lightly! See your primary care physician, or get checked out at an urgent care facility, right away.

8. Contact An Attorney

You have nothing to lose by contacting a personal injury attorney for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Present all of the information and evidence you have, so that the attorney can accurately evaluate the situation and determine whether or not you have a case.

The Aftermath of a Car Accident

While the crash itself may be upsetting, dealing with the aftermath can be too. In the hours or days following the crash many people may still feel shaken up. All of these feelings on may feel are normal. Although these feelings are normal, if they last for a period of time, they may be PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Look out for symptoms including:

  • Avoiding emotions or reminders of the incident
  • Constant feelings of anxiousness
  • Avoiding medical tests or procedures
  • Constantly reliving the incident in one’s mind
  • Nightmares or trouble sleeping

If you notice any of these symptoms, talk about it with a close friend or family, or doctor.

Avoid Posting on Social Media

Additionally, refrain from posting pictures on social media of the accident, as this can hurt your case in the long-term.

Take Action After a Car Accident

Still wondering what to do after a car accident injury? The Law Offices of David w. Singer and Associates are here to help. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, give us a call. We will take it from here!


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Three Ways to Survive a Car Accident

Car accidents can be one of the most dangerous things an average person will come in contact with during their life. Although many times car accidents can not be avoided, it is important to practice strong safety measures when it comes to protecting yourself against a car accident. Below are different methods and safety precautions you can take to help you stay as safe as possible if ever coming in contact with a car accident:

Method 1 – Be Prepared:

  • Wear your seat belt. Wearing a seat belt can be a life altering decision when it comes to car crashes. Make sure that your lap belt sits low on your hip bones and that the shoulder belt goes across the center of your chest. Ensure that children are seated in proper child restraints until they are large enough to properly wear a seat belt.
  • Store objects such that they will not hit you if your car gets hit. If an object is not properly stowed away in your car it could become a projectile during a crash. Be sure to stow away products such as glass or heavy containers/bottles, umbrellas, pencils, etc.
  • Service the safety systems in your car regularly. Airbags and seat belts significantly reduce injury and death in many automobile accidents.
  • Do not lean against the dashboard.If there was a high-speed crash while leaning on the dashboard the airbag that is meant to inflate will throw you backwards and can potentially cause a great injury.

Method 2 – Use Good Driving Practices:

  • Obey traffic laws and stay conscious and aware of current situations. Be sure to adjust your driving in heavy traffic or inclement weather. It is safe to drive the speed limit in dry and normal conditions, but during rain fall it is best to drive at a lower speed.
  • Focus on the road ahead. While driving, avoid excessive reading, eating, using cell phones and other distracting activities.
  • Anticipate potential problems.Always stay aware and alert on the road while driving. Be observant and look for things that could potentially end up causing an accident.

Method 3 – Avoid or Minimize an Accident:

  • Stay calm. If an accident appears forthcoming, you must respond quickly but smoothly. Vehicles of all types will respond better to smooth steering and braking inputs.
  • Break with control. Braking practices may vary depending on whether you vehicle has anti-lock brakes. If you do not have anti-lock breaks, pump the breaks to keep the car under control. If you slam on the breaks your car will skid and loose control. If your car has anti-lock breaks, hold the breaks firmly and steer normally.
  • After a crash, switch off your engine, do not smoke, and stop anyone else from smoking. This is especially important if vehicles involved in the crash were carrying dangerous goods (explosives, flammables, etc.).


Tips for Getting the Best Possible Personal Injury Settlement Offer

Getting Full Compensation After an Automobile Accident

Most people who get involved in automobile accidents often suffer from huge medical bills and increased household debts. They miss some time from work and even suffer from mental stress due to the accident. Some even lose out on their life savings and insurance because of a personal injury sustained from an accident.

Most of these people do not seek compensation for these life-changing injuries. It could be because they do not know how to go about making the claim or they just feel like it is difficult to prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident. It’s even worse for people with pre-existing medical conditions, proving that an automobile accident worsened their medical condition and completely altered their life is a difficult task. But it does not have to be, if another driver was negligent and caused the accident then you should be compensated and should seek help from the professionals.

Most common causes of automobile accidents are due to:

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