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Avoiding Personal Injury during the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to review the year with family and friends. With all the hubbub, it may be easy to forget some common safety tips that will keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. In addition, some may be working during the holidays and it is just as important to stay alert to avoid any personal injury.

1800-2While we are here to help in the event of a personal injury, we would not wish it on any one, especially during this fun time of year. Some of the most common injuries during the holidays include falls, which may include smaller injuries like sprains or larger injuries like a fracture or bone break. Falls may happen in the home or at work. For example, in the home, you may be putting up decoration but did not secure the ladder enough. While at work, a fall may occur as you’re helping a customer. Everyone is on the hunt for the perfect gift, so it’s important to be aware of the possible crazy customers that may not notice you on the ladder or carrying boxes.

In both of these instances, it’s critical to note that you should have the proper ladder height for the job and should be wearing shoes with a good bottom to give you enough traction. If you are working outdoors, try to avoid working on days with a lot of wind or when it’s raining. If you are grabbing boxes of decoration out of the attic, or receiving a shipment from work, be sure to keep the pile of boxes at a reasonable height where you are able to see over them. Taking multiple trips is okay as long as it means you are practicing good safety to avoid personal injury.

Automobile accidents are also common during the holidays because of the many travelers. It is important to stay aware of the road and be a defensive driver during the busy season. Many drivers do not account for alcohol they have had for the night, so watching out for other drivers is just as important. With options like Uber or Lyft, friends and family will always have a “designated driver” to get them and others home safely. If you are the host of the holiday party, keep in mind that high protein foods will slow the intoxication process, while salty foods like chips may speed it up.

It is also important to note that children may be at risk for personal injury during the holidays. Many children will be excited for their new gifts they receive this holiday, but help them stay safe by using proper protective gear if they are receiving gifts like bikes or skateboards. Adults may be at risk of personal injury when it comes to the gifts as well. There may be a fun present that you want to try, but remember the protective gear is just as important for you.

The holidays are a great time for hanging out with your loved ones. We want to you stay safe during this hectic time, but remember we’re always here to help in any personal injury case. The lawyers at David W. Singer & Associates, P.A. are happy to assist, give us a call to start your free consultation.