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Auto Accident Causes

One of the key ingredients to building a successful car accident case is to determine the cause of the accident. Our Florida auto accident attorneys can help you receive the maximum compensation payout. This is done by proving the other party is responsible for the auto accident. Below are some common causes of auto accidents:

Driving while distracted: the single biggest cause of auto accidents is distracted driving. This could be driving while browsing the internet, typing out a text message or making a phone call among many other instances. It is extremely important for the driver to pay attention to the road at all times.

Driving under the influence: another common cause of road accidents is drunk driving. The current estimates show that there are roughly 300,000 drunk drivers on American roads every day. If you are the victim of a DUI incident, allow our Florida personal injury attorney’s to handle all aspects of your case.

Potholes: when a driver spots a pothole they try to avoid it. However, spotting one at the last second might cause a frantic swerving of the car, which in turn may cause a collision with another vehicle. If you find yourself in an accident due to a pothole incident, contact our Florida automobile accident attorneys today.

Tailgating: it is important to keep a safe distance between you and other cars at all times, even while traveling at slow speeds. When drivers tailgate other cars it can easily result in accidents and much damage to both cars. To avoid a tailgating incident of your own make sure to keep a safe minimum distance from the car in front of you at all times.  However, if you do find yourself in a tailgating car accident, contact our Florida auto accident attorneys today.

Speeding: Because speeding does not allow for ample time to brake, it is more often than not we find car accidents due to speeding. If you have been in a car accident due to speeding, our team of Florida personal injury attorneys will provide you the representation that you need for your case.

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