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Seatbelt Issues

At times a car accident can be more serious than it should have been because the seatbelt has failed to properly restrain the driver or passenger. If you feel this has happened in your case, then we can help get compensation for your troubles. Our experienced Florida auto accident attorneys have dealt with many seatbelt related cases in the past. Therefore, you can rely on their expertize to obtain the maximum compensation settlement possible.

The cause of the seatbelt failure will need to be determined by our Florida personal injury attorneys. Here are a few of the common causes of seatbelt failure:

  • Webbing defect: some seatbelts might have been manufactured with a design defect that makes them prone to splitting and tearing. If the defect is present, then during a collision it makes the seatbelt useless when plenty of force is applied.
  • Torsion bar failure: the torsion bar is a system that releases some tension in the seatbelt if a very high amount of pressure is being exerted on it. This prevents the individual from getting hurt from the force of the seatbelt. However, if too much tension is released then the individual is not properly restrained by the seatbelt.
  • Buckle failure: a buckle might not be as strong as intended, and break under too much pressure. By definition a buckle is said to be too weak if it breaks when there is only 5 pounds of pressure applied, or less.

Our Florida personal injury attorneys understand the issues when it comes to seatbelt related accidents, so you can trust them with your case. For more information on how David W. Singer & Associates can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.