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Pedestrian Injuries

Are you the victim of a road accident in which you were the pedestrian? Then our highly skilled and professional law firm can help you claim compensation. Our Florida pedestrian injury attorneys have experience dealing with many different pedestrian injury types:

Multiple broken bones: when a head on collision occurs with a pedestrian there is a high chance of multiple broken bones. Our competent lawyers can ensure each broken bone is well documented so that the corresponding compensation money is received.

Head Injuries: it’s not uncommon for there to be severe head injuries in an automobile accident involving a pedestrian. The type of complications that arise can be life threatening, which means high medical costs are inevitable. Our team of Florida personal injury attorneys will can help retrieve those expensive medical costs.

Bruising and soft tissue damage: significant bruising and soft tissue damage can occur after a pedestrian undergoes a collision with a vehicle. Such injuries are deemed not serious, and therefore payout a relatively small compensation amount. However, we can argue the severity of such injuries with the aim of securing a higher compensation payout.

Back injuries: another serious injury type involves the alteration of your spinal cord, or otherwise known as back injuries. These can leave a person unable to function normally for many months, or even years. If that’s the case in your pedestrian-vehicle accident, then we can help obtain a large compensation payout.

How We Can Help

Our team of veteran Florida lawyers has dealt with all types of pedestrian injury cases. We understand your life has changed for the worse. Therefore, expect us to fight on your behalf to get the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

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