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Passenger Injuries

The type of injuries sustained in an automobile accident will play a major role in determining the compensation amounted for your case. Our Florida personal injury auto accident attorneys will ensure all your injuries come to light during your case. Below is a list of passenger injury types you may have received during your automobile accident:

Bruises, scrapes and cuts: in the majority of cases such injuries can heal within a few days, and therefore little compensation money is given. However, in some instances scrapes and cuts can result in expensive plastic surgery. In these instances, our automobile accident passenger injury attorneys can assist in getting you reimbursement for your medical costs.

Broken Bones: more often than not, passengers in vehicle’s that have sustained car accidents will suffer from broken bones when there has been a side on collision. The hard metal of the vehicle can deform and comes into contact with the passenger’s body, resulting in much physical damage, including broken bones. This results in a lengthy healing time, which can significantly disrupt a person’s life.

Neck and back injuries: it is very common for victims of car accidents to suffer neck and back pain. These types of injuries can results in permanent disability, which can wreck an individual’s life. Our Florida automobile accident attorneys can help obtain the compensation money that may be required to live a comfortable life following a neck or back injury.

Soft tissue damage: these types of injuries include torn ligaments, muscles and tendons and they can cause a significant amount of pain. Thankfully, these types of injuries usually heal over time. Because they are known to heal, these injuries happen to be one of the more disputed injury types by insurance companies. However, our Florida automobile accident attorneys understand the pain and suffering caused by soft tissue damage and will work hard to ensure that any soft tissue damage suffered from a car accident is fully compensated.

Head injuries: this is one of the more life threatening injuries a passenger can receive. Possible head injuries include swelling of the brain, skull fracture and a concussion. Such injuries are entitled to relatively high compensation payouts, and our Florida personal injury attorneys can help you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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