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Top Causes of Accidents Involving Young Drivers

If you have a young driver in the home between the ages of 15 and 20, you need to have a serious talk about automobile safety. In 2016, 2,433 teens lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, the number of crashes resulting in injuries is more than 100 times higher.

When it comes to the leading causes of teen deaths, motor vehicle accidents are at the top of the list. The number one reason car accidents become deadly is the failure to wear a seat belt. It’s important for parents to reinforce the need to wear seat belts. Also, talking with your teen about safety on the road and not being distracted while driving is vital.

Operating a motor vehicle without concern for safety is dangerous and can impact more lives than just the driver.  Keep reading for the top causes of accidents among young drivers.

Texting While Driving

We live in a world where people can’t seem to put down their phones. Even when driving, people continue to text and check social media. This can lead to distracted driving and fatal car crashes.

Young drivers especially fail to see how dangerous this practice is. It places them and others in harm’s way. Bans on texting while driving are proving to be beneficial for road safety. States that have implemented laws that prohibit texting while driving are already seeing a decline in related accidents. 

Young Drivers are Easily Distracted

If texting isn’t bad enough, there are other things that distract drivers and cause teen car crashes. Loud music, too many people in the car, and not paying attention to the road are a few.

Driving recklessly or racing with other cars is another common issue. A lack of driving experience and knowledge of how dangerous these behaviors are contribute to an increased level of danger on the roadways.

Being totally focused when driving may not seem cool, but it is necessary to stay safe and protect others.

Driving While Under the Influence

Not only is it a horrible idea to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while under the influence, it’s also illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drink.
If you have been drinking or taking drugs your chances of causing an accident increase exponentially. You are putting your life and the lives of everyone in the community at risk.

The Inexperience of the Driver

Inexperience plays a big role in the number of car accidents caused by teen drivers. Young drivers simply have not had enough time to hone their reaction time and learn defensive driving strategies.

An inexperienced driver who is not focused can have delayed reaction time. Because they are not used to driving, they are at a greater risk of overreacting to common driving scenarios like being cut-off by another driver. They will almost certainly react differently than someone who has been behind the wheel for years.

During the learning phase, don’t shy away from teaching teen drivers about stressful situations. If possible, enrolling your teen driver in professional driving courses. A professional can teach your teen driver strategies to deal with the unexpected circumstances that come up, increase their knowledge base, help them gain more experience driving.

Involved in a Car Crash?

If your young driver was involved in an accident, you may need an attorney. If that time comes you shouldn’t hesitate to seek counsel. Get a free consultation from David W. Singer & Associates, P.A.