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Man Convicted of Seven Murders Awarded $450K for Guard Abuse

– March 10, 2014

A man convicted of seven murders has been awarded $451,000 in damages for injuries he sustained in a beating by a Cook County prison guard.

Convicted murderer James Degorski claims he was severely beaten in an unprovoked attack by prison guard Thomas Wilson not long after arriving at Chicago’s Cook County prison in 2002.

According to court testimony, Degorski sustained a fractured cheek and eye socket as a result of the incident, which required him to have metal plates surgically implanted in his face.

Wilson maintains that the beating was justified because he was acting in self defense.

Degorski and accomplice Juan Luna murdered seven workers at Brown’s Chicken and Pasta, a restaurant in suburban Chicago, back in 1993 during an armed robbery attempt.

The crime, which became known as the Brown’s Chicken Massacre, was not solved until 2002 when police arrested Degorski and Luna for the murders. Degorski was convicted by a jury and sentenced to life in prison.

Although members of the jury in Degorski’s civil suit were informed of his status as a convicted murderer, they were not given any specific details about his crime.

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