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Family Awarded $3 Million in Landmark Fracking Case

– April 23, 2014

In a landmark case, a Texas family has been awarded $3 million for illnesses they suffered as a result of fracking near their Decatur home.

The suit was filed by Robert and Lisa Parr, who, along with their daughter, started suffering from health problems in early 2009, when Aruba Petroleum began drilling wells within two miles of the family’s ranch. The family experienced migraine headaches, unexplained rashes, dizziness and nausea, chronic nose bleeds, and other conditions as a result of the nearby drilling operation.

“Fracking” is short for hydraulic fracturing, which involves injecting high-pressure fluid containing up to 600 different chemicals into the ground in order to fracture shale and access the natural gas beneath. Experts estimate that as much as 80 percent of this fluid, which contains known carcinogens and is not biodegradable, is left behind to potentially contaminate ground water and release chemicals into the air.

The Parrs allege that Aruba’s fracking operations to extract natural gas made them and their livestock ill and resulted in a decrease in their property value.

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