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Workplace Safety Tips

With the average American logging over 2,000 hours per year at work, maintaining a safe working environment is extremely important. We’ve done our research and put together a list of safety tips to keep in mind whether you work outdoors, in an office, or on the go.

1. Stay focused

It’s important to be alert and to pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Workplace accidents happen frequently, and can often be avoided by being alert and knowing your surroundings. Watch your step to help avoid tripping over cables, wires, spills, or something mistakenly dropped on the floor. Don’t listen to music too loudly so that you’re still able to hear what is going on in your environment. Always use equipment for its intended purpose.

2. Dress Appropriately

Comfortable, non-slip shoes help prevent slip and fall accidents. Wear protective gear when necessary such as hard hats, safety goggles, UV shirts to prevent too much sun exposure, or gloves. If you work in front of a computer all day, consider purchasing specialized anti-glare glasses to help lessen the strain on your eyes.

3. Have a Safety Plan

Know what your company’s plan is for emergency evacuation or circumstances. Always be sure of the nearest exit and the safest route to it. Know who to contact in case of emergency including fire rescue and law enforcement officials. To help avoid injury, never try to handle a dangerous situation yourself without proper training.

4. Speak Up

If you see anything hazardous going on in your workplace, report it to your supervisor. Safety should be a priority in any workplace and your supervisor can’t address what they don’t know about. If you aren’t sure who to contact regarding safety concerns, ask your immediate supervisor.

5. Keep Your Stress Levels in Check

Stress can impact both your physical and mental health if it is not dealt with properly. It can cause a negative mental state, fatigue, and can hinder your ability to make safe decisions while at work.  You can help avoid these adverse conditions by getting between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each night, staying physically active, and taking breaks when needed.


6. Skip the drinks at lunch

While some may think grabbing a beer on their lunch break is harmless, it can directly impact your safety while at work. if you aren’t properly hydrated or haven’t had enough food, one beer can cause you to be impaired potentially resulting in an accident. Instead, save the drinks for happy hour.

Closely adhering to your company’s safety guidelines is an important part of maintaining a safe working environment. If you or someone you know has had a slip and fall or other workplace related injury, contact our team to see how we can help.