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Top 4 Largest Personal Injury Settlements on Record

Personal injury cases are no joke. Some people who survive these injuries never regain the quality of life they had before, and many people don’t survive long enough to see a settlement. If money is indicative of wrongdoing, then the damages these plaintiffs earned on personal injury cases show just how difficult their lives became. Though money can’t right the wrongs of a personal injury case, at least the legal system did not fail these plaintiffs.

$150 Billion: Robbie Middleton

In an astoundingly large personal injury settlement, a Texas jury gave $150 billion to the family of a boy who was badly burned. Robert Middleton, known by the nickname Robbie, was sexually assaulted, then burned by the same person a few weeks later. This happened in 1998, when Robbie was just 8 years old.

Twelve years later, after extensive skin treatments because of the third-degree burns over his body, Robbie Middleton died from skin cancer. His family pursued justice, partly to get the county to admit that Robbie was sexually assaulted and to charge the assailant.

$4.9 Billion: The Anderson Family

In 1993, a Chevy Malibu exploded after being rear-ended. Two adults and four children were in the car when it started to burn. Though the adults escaped, the children were badly injured. One was burned over 70 percent of her body. The family sued GM, and though the award amount was reduced, they walked away with billions.

At the time this case was settled in 1999, it was the biggest personal injury award in the country that year. The case lasted for years, though, with initial filing starting in 1994. This case goes to show that good lawyers will fight for that long and longer with you if you’ve suffered personal injury.

$22 Million: Shirley Miller

Personal Injury Lawyer David Singer - crosswalk injuryIn 2008, a New York woman was crossing the street using a cross walk when a Duane Reade truck hit her full on. Eyewitness accounts helped disprove Duane Reade’s defense, which claimed that Miller slipped on ice and fell beneath the truck. It turned out that the driver didn’t immediately call 911, either.

Two trials happened, the second one coming after the first ended because the judge behaved badly toward Duane Reade. In the middle of the second trial, Duane Reade went for the settlement option.

$18 Million: Tabitha Mullings

Thanks to a severe misdiagnosis, New York woman Tabitha Mullings lost both hands, both feet, and vision in one eye. Mullings went to the hospital for ostensible kidney stones, but the next day found that her condition had worsened. Despite the fact that she called 911 twice, paramedics didn’t take her back to the hospital.

The day after that, she was septic and near death. She was in a coma for weeks thanks to the infection, and large portions of her body were gangrenous.

Documentation, witnesses, and good lawyers are all essential aspects of successful personal injury cases. If you need help with a personal injury case, contact the experienced attorneys at David W. Singer & Associates, P.A.