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Tips for Maximizing Your Personal Injury Accident Settlement

accident settlementOver 8 million people are hospitalized as a result of slips and falls each year. Add to that the number of people injured via car accidents and other events, and you have a lot of Americans needing to ask themselves some very serious questions.

How will I pay for my medical bills? What will I do if I can’t work? Why did this happen to me?

If you’re like millions of people struggling from the effects of a personal injury that occurred through no fault of your own, you may be considering filing a lawsuit against the responsible party and getting a fair accident settlement.

To make sure that you get the compensation you deserve, our team has put together this list of quick tips to maximize your settlement amount.

1. Investigate Thoroughly

When it comes to accident cases, there is going to be a lot of “he said/she said.” To get past exposition and expose the facts, you or preferably your accident attorney will need to do some serious digging.

Be sure that witness statements get collected, police reports are obtained, and you get your medical records. Furthermore, consider working with private investigators to see what other kind of critical evidence can be dug up.

2. Never Release Your Records to The Opposite Party’s Insurance Company

After an accident, a 3rd party insurance company may request access to your medical records. Never sign them over.

While your insurance company may be allowed access to your records, 3rd parties are not entitled to that information. If they get granted access, they may use the information against you.

3. Don’t Jump at the First Offer

Insurance adjusters will always offer you a very low settlement right out of the gate. Either that or they will deny liability completely.

Don’t fall for those tactics.

Be sure to always consult an injury attorney to properly assess offers presented and negotiate counter offers. Bargaining is an integral part of maximizing your accident settlement so never be afraid to negotiate.

4. Do Not Belittle Your Emotional Pain Points

While hard to put a dollar amount to, your emotional pain matters when it comes to an accident settlement. If your case were to go to trial, a jury would certainly be moved by the intangible damage an accident had on your life. For that reason, an insurance adjuster will listen as well during negotiations.

If you couldn’t care for your children adequately because of your injury, let the adjuster know. If you experience nightmares or have a fear of doing certain activities now, let your adjuster know.

All of these intangibles are worth something to your claim.

5. Know When to Engage a Lawyer

There are a lot of intricacies to maximizing an accident claim. Furthermore, opposing parties will do everything in their power to make sure you don’t get what you’re entitled to.

To take the burden of navigating complicated legal webs off of your shoulders and ensure your interests get defended, it’s imperative you have a qualified attorney by your side.

Wrapping Up Tips for Maximizing your Accident Settlement

If you’re seeking an accident settlement after a personal injury, we recommend following our tips above to boost your settlement amount. Among the most important of these tips we’ve shared is the final one – knowing when to engage a lawyer.

To that end, our team at David W. Singer & Associates has you covered. Our group has been helping people like you get their lives back on track after accidents by fighting and winning them fair settlements.

We can do the same for your case right now.

Contact us today if you’re located in the greater Fort Lauderdale area and let’s get you the injury outcome you deserve.