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Recent Examples of Personal Injury Settlement Amounts & What You Should Expect

We’re sorry to hear about your accident.

No amount of money can repair the damages you’ve suffered to your health, but it doesn’t hurt to be compensated for someone else’s mistake.

If you feel flustered after your accident, you’re not alone. Many people aren’t sure what they should get from such traumatic experiences.

Let’s look at a few recent examples of personal injury settlement amounts for you and your lawyer to glean information from.

Examples of Personal Injury Settlement Amounts

Personal injury settlement amounts vary wildly based on what happened, the extent of the injuries incurred, who’s at fault, and your representation. Here, we’ll show you some recent court settlement amounts to give you an idea of what you’re getting involved with.

The Cyclist and the Low Hanging Branch

Be careful on your bicycle. In this case, a young man was cycling and collided with a low-hanging tree branch that he didn’t see.

The insurance companies contended that the accident was the fault of the man and that the tree branches were visible enough to avoid. Reconstruction and tree experts were brought in to prove that the low-hanging branch was an “accident waiting to happen.”

The man settled for $110,000 from the insurance companies.

Maryland Route 97 Car Accident

In 2016, a woman was traveling on Route 97 in Anne Arundel County. She was stopped in traffic and was subsequently rear-ended. Since she didn’t immediately believe herself to be injured, police weren’t called.

The $5,300 of damage to her vehicle was reported, but she later had experienced degeneration in her spinal discs from a prior accident. She thus received neck block injections and received $100,000 from GEICO and $150,000 from her own insurance company for a total of $250,000.

Severe Head Injury of Teen

Nearly 37% of spinal cord injuries in the US are caused by car accidents.

This case involved a 17-year old driving on the highway. There was a car parked illegally on the highway that the victim tried to avoid, and in doing so, was T-boned by another vehicle. Sadly, the teen was rendered quadriplegic.

The claim was brought against the owner of the illegally parked vehicle and the driver of the vehicle that T-boned the victim. In addition, the law firm went after accident insurance.

In total, the settlements amounted to around $31 million in a fund that will be released throughout the victim’s lifetime to aid with professional and personal care by the victim’s parents.

45-Year-Old Man Falls Down Stairs

A Florida man was injured while he was carrying roof tiles up a thin flight of stairs on the job. He slipped and fell, sustaining a severe right shoulder injury.

An impingement syndrome with subacromial decompression of the right shoulder, a stretch injury axillary nerve, and a herniation at C-5 and C-6 required extensive medical treatment.

Even after this, he was unable to return to work and was placed at maximum medical improvement with a 20% permanent impairment rating to his whole body. The law office of David W. Singer & Associates helped this man get $123,000 in settlement for his injuries and treatment.

Get What You Deserve

When your injury has left you with a huge medical bill and rendered you unable to return to work, get the settlement that you deserve. Personal injury settlement amounts can surprise you, so don’t assume that you won’t get anything.

If you’re injured in the south Florida region, call David W. Singer & Associates to get your settlement.  Visit our blog to read more about injury settlements and personal law.