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Product Recall Facts To Consider

In today’s day and age recalls on products are more prevalent than ever. Recalls on items can be extremely dangerous to our health and should be taken seriously. Often times, recalls on many items are not well known but are still harmful, it is your responsibility as a consumer to keep up with product recalls and ensure the products you and your family are consuming are safe. Learn more about product recalls below:

Many recalled products are more likely than not currently sitting on store shelves:

Manufacturers are able to get their products from the warehouse to retailers faster than ever before, but pulling products off shelves can take days, weeks and even months. When all said and done, it is the retail store’s job to handle recalls, meaning the entire inventory of a recalled item must be inspected visually, and then manually pulled off store’s shelves, which clearly takes time.

Not all product recalls make the news:

Although major recalls are usually headline-makers, there are too many recalls for the media to expose every one. For instance, when a recall occurs, government agencies ask major media outlets to get the word out and notify wholesalers and retailers, but there is no guarantee customers will hear about it. Some companies post recall notices on their websites, but they are not required to do so.

The government can’t police every product:

Federal agencies do have mechanisms in place to monitor food and product safety, but that does not mean they are foolproof. Many items make it to market without government approval.

Supply chains aren’t as well controlled as many people think:

There is always room for human error at every step in the global-manufacturing process, from raw materials to packaged products. Products come in from all over the world at an extremely fast pace, requiring everyone in the supply chain to pay attention and take note of product safety. When an item is recalled, manufacturers often aren’t even able to pinpoint exactly where and when the problem occurred.

YOU must be the real product watchdog:

Protect yourself and your family by educating yourself about the recall process and staying on top of the products you consume. Visit government websites such as which list recalls of all types. Remember that recalls do not expire, and only when they are lifted does it mean products are safe to consume.

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