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Police Reports and Personal Injury Cases

thinkstockphotos-103580628When you are in an automotive accident, a police report is typically involved. Having damage to your vehicle or any passenger, driver or pedestrian will also result in a police report and investigation. After the accident, the next step is typically to file a claim with your insurance agency, which would involve obtaining your police report. The only time your police report would not be available for public record would be when there is a criminal charge or have a confidential note.

Most police reports will include basic information on your car accident, which may come in handy for your claim because it will include factors that may have influenced the actual accident. There may be a unique case where you may not agree with what has been written in the report. There is an opportunity to change the report, however, if there are eyewitness reports or officer findings, you cannot amend that section of the report. Giving your own statement and adding it to the police report would be the best course of action, but be sure to check with your attorney about what is best for you.

Another unique situation with police reports is when the officers are unable to come to the accident. In this case, it is important to note as many things as you can including taking pictures and maybe recorded witness reports. Vehicle damage or personal injury is typically the reason police personnel will visit the scene in a larger city.

Keep in mind that if the police department is saying that you cannot obtain a copy of your report, you may talk to your personal injury attorney about helping you get the report you need. It’s important to consider how significant the police report will be in the success of the claim. Your attorney will know exactly how to leverage the police report to get you the most out of your settlement. One of the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that they will do the investigating for you. If you believe a police report may have been filed, just let them know and they will obtain a copy of it for you.