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Parenting Life Hacks

Parenting can definitely be a huge challenge in our lives and is anything but easy. But, as all parents know, becoming a mom or dad is one of the BEST things to ever happen in our lives and most of us wouldn’t trade it for the world! Below find some great (and adorable) life hacks that will make parenting so much easier on you:

Bathe your child in laundry basket so their toys won’t float away – we all know how sad children can get during bath time, especially when their toys float away. Put bath time at ease and try out this laundry basket hack.

Invest in a baby shower cap – because this is a genius idea and we wish they had these when we were parenting!


If your kids have trouble with their handwriting, make them spend time on the monkey bars!

This may sound a bit odd, but it has been proven that certain activities (such as playing on monkey bars) can help to strengthen children’s upper bodies and the fine motor skills that can lead to better handwriting.

Put your kids to work by turning chores into a fun game – they won’t ever know the difference


Build a fort – because what kid doesn’t love a fort? Find the easy instructions on how to make a fort out of a box fan here.

Trace your kids’ feet so you can go shoe shopping without having to drag them along! Not only will this make your shopping experience a little easier, but it will let you take advantage of any shoe sales you happen to stumble upon!


Use a hair pin to fix your daughter’s falling tank top!

Nighttime coughing have your kid up all night? Rub vapor rub on their feet and put socks over them.

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