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How to Select a Nursing Home

For many, the process of selecting a nursing home for a loved one can seem overwhelming. We are all familiar with reports in which individuals have suffered abuse at the hands of the staff at their nursing home. This concern can be made worse if your loved one is no longer able to communicate. To alleviate the stress this decision can cause, it’s helpful to thoroughly research nursing homes that meet the required criteria.

The first step to selecting the right nursing home for your loved one is identifying the type of care they need. Nursing homes vary based on the level of care (among other things). Does your loved one required full, round-the-clock medical care, or just help dressing and bathing? This question will determine whether you need a facility that offers hospital-level care or just assistance.

Once you’ve determined the level of care required, the next step is proximity. Ideally, the close4r to you the facility the better, since that will make regular visits much easier. However, keep in mind that it is more important to find the right fit for your loved one than just a home that is close by; your loved one will thank you in the end. Now that you know the facilities that are around you, narrow them down by identifying other criteria that may be important to you, such as religious affiliation, certifications, and payment terms or insurance accepted.

Now that you have narrowed down a list of nursing homes that you feel may be a good fit, you’ll need to do the leg work and visit the facilities. This is a critical step in determining the quality of the nursing home. If possible, it’s best to plan to stay at each potential option for as much time as possible to gain a strong understanding of the environment. Try to talk to as many of the residents and staff that you can, look at the food that is being served at meal time, get a tour of a room very similar to where your loved one would be living, and try to determine the general level of well-being of the residents. Do they seem happy, relaxed, and at ease- or do they seem tense? Even something as simple as too much noise can cause undue stress for your loved one; especially if they have become accustomed to living alone.

After you’ve made your final decision on a nursing home, it’s important to keep an open line of communication with the staff, administrators, and your loved one. If you happen to notice any  behavioral changes or see something concerning, you have options available to you. South Florida Attorney David Singer is experienced in situations of nursing home abuse. Contact us today and see how we can help.