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How to Protect Your Legal Rights to Accident Compensation After a Car Crash

Are you afraid of your auto insurance company?

You’re not alone!

Dealing with insurance company representatives can be unnerving.

Sure, they’re friendly and helpful when you’re signing up for their services. But if you’re involved in a car accident, you’re not dealing with the chatty sales rep.

Say hello to the insurance adjuster. They aren’t there for friendly conversations. Their role as guardian of the company coffers discourages talks about anything other than you, your car, and whether you were at fault.

The adjustor holds the keys to your accident compensation and they don’t relinquish payments on a whim. That’s not a bad thing-it’s one way they keep your premiums down.

Compensation delays can wreak havoc on your life, especially if you’re injured or your car isn’t drivable.

You have rights! Yes, you have legal rights to accident compensation after a car crash.

We’ve put together a few ways you can make sure you protect your rights after you have an accident.

Don’t wait until you’re wrapped up with an insurance adjuster. Read our tips now and get the compensation you deserve!

It’s Not Your Fault

Too often people accept blame at the scene of auto accidents. They may not do it deliberately but they start talking and soon enough they’ve admitted fault. Chaos reigns in the initial moments after an accident. And it’s in those moments that drivers are most vulnerable and say things they shouldn’t. You may be at fault and it may be obvious that you are the one who caused the accident. The other driver might get in your face and accuse you of causing the accident. No matter how intimidating it is when an angry person yells at you, don’t admit fault. Stick to the facts and answer questions asked by the police but don’t embellish the story. Let the police and your insurance adjuster determine who is at fault. Until they do, it’s not your fault.

Get a Witness

Have you noticed that when car accidents happen people disappear? No one wants to be a witness. Of course, that’s an exaggeration because there are people who will wait at the scene and give their statement to the police.  But if there are no witnesses to an accident you’ve been involved with there are things you should remember.

The other driver and their passengers aren’t your witnesses.

Third-party witnesses as long as they’re credible can help you have a successful outcome to your motor vehicle accident compensation claim. Your insurance company knows this too. One of the first questions your adjuster will as is if there were any witnesses to the accident.

Go to the Hospital

One thing the police officer on the scene of your accident will ask is whether you’re hurt and whether you need an ambulance. You might not feel injured and you might not look injured but that doesn’t mean you haven’t sustained injuries. Most car accident victims feel at least a little bruised right after the accident occurs.

If they’re not bleeding and can walk, they don’t get a medical evaluation. You may be entitled to accident compensation. Not seeking immediate medical attention could affect your claim. Don’t wait for symptoms. Don’t wait for your doctor’s office to open on Monday. Go now!

Assess the Damage

No, this doesn’t mean you walk around your vehicle and decide whether it’s drivable.  Take your car to a repair shop as soon as you can get it there. Don’t wait for instructions from your insurance company. It may be a few days before you communicate verbally with an adjuster.

Waiting for permission to get a repair estimate could delay claim processing and motor vehicle accident compensation. Your insurance adjuster expects repair estimates and getting an estimate is your responsibility. Most insurance companies only require one estimate but if you have the time, get two. In the end, it’s up to you which shop you hire for repairs.

Call Your Lawyer

If you have no broken bones or other injuries and your car isn’t damaged, you won’t need a lawyer, right? Not necessarily. The average driver is not educated regarding a car accident victim’s rights. And you do have rights!  Your lawyer understands those rights and can ensure your rights aren’t ignored.

Also, insurance companies are not in the business of writing checks. While most insurance companies get your claim handled in a reasonable amount of time, there are cases victims wait for months or are never compensated. Attorney involvement can encourage a quick and fair settlement from your insurance company. Even if you think you don’t need an attorney, a consultation is a good idea. Let the expert – the attorney – determine if you need help or not.

Don’t Wait for Accident Compensation

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, the last thing you need is a delay in receiving accident compensation.

Insurance companies don’t have your best interests in mind when processing claims, no matter how nice they are when you talk with them over the phone.

The attorneys at David W. Singer & Associates, P.A. are on your side and will act on your behalf, so you receive the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today for an initial consultation. We’ll make it worth your time!