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How to Prepare for Long Flights

Choose your airline carefully

Some airlines are more expensive than others – often times with good reason. It is ultimately up to you whether extra $200 is worth more space, better food and lets face it, your overall sanity. Some airlines are known for the late or cancelled flights and terrible customer service, among many other things. Others have great perks like comfortable seating, decent food, and an array of free movies. When you are going to be stuck on a plan for many hours, perks like these can make the world of a difference.

Choose your seat carefully

Aisle or window? Try to avoid seats near the bathroom, and although the front of the plane is usually the most desired, that is where families (and babies) usually congregate.

Watch for your layover

If you are unfamiliar with the airport you will be arriving in, give yourself at least an hour for layovers – longer if you need to go through immigration once you’ve reached your destination country. Longer layovers will allow you to walk around, use a normal bathroom, and eat food that is tastier than your airplane’s food.

Don’t overload your carry on bags

When you have to walk miles through an airport to make your connection, you’ll be glad your bag weighed as light as it did. Figure out what is essential in your travels and stick with that.

Dress in layers that are easy to remove

Wearing comfortable slip on clothing is much easier to deal with when traveling long distances.

Sleep as much as possible and walk as much as possible

Get up and walk up and down the aisles, stretch in the back of the plane, do whatever you can to keep your blood flowing and muscles relaxed. Sleeping is also something that can be beneficial; not only will this leave you feeling refreshed and ready to embark on your journey when you land, but it will make the plane ride go faster as well. If you are a light sleeper, take an eye mask and ear plugs. Being on a jet for 12 hours is not the most ideal place in the world. Wearing ear plugs can help drown out other passengers and muffle engine noises allowing you to rest and possibly even fall asleep.

Bring headphones

The only way to really get through a long flight is to immerse yourself in mind-numbing entertainment. Bring your headphones for a more comfortable plane ride and a more comfortable entertainment system.

Stay safe!

If you are traveling in a large group, make sure everyone is there at all times and you know where everyone plans on going.
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