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How to File a Personal Injury Case After a Cruise Ship Accident

No one ever plans to get hurt during their cruise vacation. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens. Every year numerous people are injured or even killed during their cruise. Keep reading to learn how to file a personal injury case after a cruise ship accident.

Almost 14 million people will be cruising from North America this year. Unfortunately, while no one imagines that they will be hurt or even killed while cruising, these accidents happen.

If you’re injured on a cruise, you may need to file a personal injury case. Read on to learn everything you need to know about a personal injury lawsuit.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is filed when someone is injured and considers another party to be legally responsible for that injury. These can go through civil court, however, they’re also often resolved through settlements before a lawsuit can be filed.

Personal Injury on a Cruise

Many people choose to cruise because it’s seen as a relatively low-risk option for a vacation. Most of the common injuries on cruise ships are due to:

  • Failure to adhere to recognized procedures and policies
  • Failure to maintain the ship in a safe condition
  • Inadequate security

If the ship has a malfunction, or there’s a poorly kept walkway, falling debris, or tripping hazard, you could suffer a serious injury. This may mean that you can file a claim against a negligent cruise ship company.

What to do When You’re Injured on a Cruise

If you get hurt while on a cruise, you need to do the following:

Get Medical Help

Of course, your first priority after being injured on a cruise ship is your health. Make sure you get medical attention as soon as possible. This will usually mean that you go to the medical center onboard the ship.

The cruise ship may want to charge you for this treatment. Ideally, you will have cruise travel insurance, but if you’re successful in proving negligence, these will likely be reimbursed.

Report Your Injury

Make sure the crew is aware that you’ve been injured. When you’ve reported your accident, there will usually be an investigation. The United States Coast Guard Regulations state that certain investigations and forms must be completed if an injury requires medical treatment.

If you don’t report your injury, it can be legally impossible to prove your legal claim of negligence against the cruise liner. Make sure that your injury is reported to someone with investigation authority- usually the security or safety officer on the ship.

Get Copies of Reports and Take Photos

After you’ve reported your injuries, make sure you get copies of any documentation, including form and medical records.

If possible, take photos of anything that caused your accident. This can make your case down the line. If you have any witnesses, get their contact details so they can corroborate your injuries and the conditions onboard.

Contact an Attorney

There are plenty of personal injury attornies who specialize in cruise ship injuries. Often, they’ll give you a free evaluation so you can learn more about your options and rights.

File Your Case

You have one year from your accident to file your personal injury case. Obviously, your priority is your health. But it’s important to keep this time limit in mind.

Wrapping up

If you’ve been injured on a cruise ship, you’re entitled to compensation for your medical costs and the impact of your injuries.

Get in touch today to learn how we can help you file your personal injury case.