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How To Escape A Sinking Car

One of the worst-case-scenarios is being in a car that is sinking in deep water, if you do not act fast, you may not survive. It is important to stay informed as to what you should do if this should ever happen to you. Below are some tips to follow:

Here are some things to NEVER do:

DO NOT let panic take over – although panic is a natural reaction and it is only normal that one panic in a situation such as this, it is important to remember you need to have a clear head in this situation.

Don’t call 911 – by the time they get there it will not be worth it, don’t waste any time, instead focus all of your attention on getting out!

Don’t sit and wait – there is no time for sitting and making a plan while your car is sinking. From the moment your car starts heading towards the water, you need to begin working on your escape. Every second counts, so do not wait.

Don’t try and open the door – this will take way too much effort and time; instead try opening a window. If this does not work, break it.

What you should do:

Undo your seat belt – this is one of the first things you should do, a stuck seat belt can prevent you from making a quick escape.

Open the window as soon as you hit the water – once the car is underwater the electrical system dies. If possible, open the window while it is still working before the car submerges. If the window does not open, break the window with whatever you have on hand.

Make your way out of the window – as soon as the window is broken, scramble out as fast as you can.

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