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How to Be Safe During Hurricane Irma

Natural disasters are unfortunately unavoidable but with current forecasts we are lucky enough to know ahead of time and take the necessary precautions to stay safe. With Hurricane Irma’s current projections, the state of Florida might be experiencing winds of 185 mph. It is important to prepare and be knowledgeable on staying as safe as possible.

The biggest threat to personal safety is the high winds that can topple trees and cause debris to fly. Heavy rain is also a huge threat because it can cause flash floods and storm surges.

If you plan to stay at home during the hurricane, follow these 7 tips to ensure personal safety:

  1. Stay inside and away from windows and glass doors. Protect windows with plywood or storm shutters.
  2. Secure outside objects. Remove all loose objects surrounding your house. Any patio furniture, backyard décor or barbeques that could be lifted by strong winds should be put away or tied down to avoid any damage to properties or risk personal injury.
  3. If flooding threatens a home, turn off your home’s electricity main breaker.
  4. Have a secure room available. If the storm passes over your home, stay put in a room without windows.
  5. Beware of lightning. Don’t take a bath/shower and refrain from using electrical equipment during the storm.
  6. Make sure to have a first aid kit, fuel, food and plenty of water for each member of the household.
  7. Evacuate if alerted to do so and know your evacuation routes ahead of time.

Hurricanes are very powerful and uncontrollable but you can do your best to prepare for them and prevent personal injuries. Contact us if you have any questions or experience any personal injuries.