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Getting Full Compensation After an Automobile Accident

In November 2016, an elderly man was awarded $1,041,697 compensation for an accident injury that happened almost five years prior when another driver rear-ended him. The plaintiff had pre-existing medical conditions prior to the accident, but that is also what prevented him from receiving the treatment any other ordinary individual would have received after the accident. How did this man win a $1,041,697 compensation lawsuit you may wonder, well it is because he had a professional medmalpracticepersonal injury lawyer on his side who presented his case, facts by facts to the jury. The jury heard about the life changes that occurred to the man as a result of the automobile accident and was made aware of the costs and efforts that the man would be subjected to for the rest of his life. The elderly man’s lawyer basically proved that the other driver involved in the accident was negligent and responsible for the exacerbation of the plaintiff’s medical issues.

Most people who get involved in automobile accidents often suffer from huge medical bills and increased household debts. They miss some time from work and even suffer from mental stress due to the accident. Some even lose out on their life savings and insurance because of a personal injury sustained from an accident.

Most of these people do not seek compensation for these life-changing injuries. It could be because they do not know how to go about making the claim or they just feel like it is difficult to prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident. It’s even worse for people with pre-existing medical conditions, proving that an automobile accident worsened their medical condition and completely altered their life is a difficult task. But it does not have to be, if another driver was negligent and caused the accident then you should be compensated and should seek help from the professionals.

steeringDrivers can be negligent on the road. Most common causes of automobile accidents are due to violations of speed limits, driving under the influence, and poor driving skills. David W. Singer & Associates, P.A are experienced in handling personal injuries cases, in particular, the automobile accidents cases. Based in Hollywood, FL. The Personal Injury Attorneys at David W. Singer & Associates provide expert advice and resources to make a successful automobile accident claim even if you had a prior-existing medical injury. Most of the time you will be fighting against insurance companies that have vast resources to fight your claim for a very long time. Seeking the services of professionals who have been dealing with such cases for a long time can be the ultimate difference between a successful claim and a rejected one.

The Florida-based firm of personal injuries attorneys offers a free consultation for anyone who suffered a personal injury. If you have been involved in an automobile accident you should be compensated accordingly and David W. Singer & Associates, P.A can help you get that full compensation. Call us today to see how we can help!