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Don’t Walk It Off! Five Tips Slip and Fall Lawyers Want You to Know

Chances are that if you’ve suffered a slip and fall in a place of business or public building, it wasn’t your fault.

While these places are legally obligated to keep areas safe and to make any hazards clear, too many places fall short, with public safety suffering as a result.

If you’ve had a fall that wasn’t your fault, you’ll want to submit a claim to get the compensation you deserve, a claim that could be worth millions of dollars.

What victims don’t realize is that they’re responsible for making sure their case is as strong as possible, and that they can take steps to make this happen.

Here’s what slip and fall lawyers want you to know about this.

Seek Medical Help Immediately 

The first thing you should always do in slip and fall cases is to seek medical attention. Even if your injury feels minor, head straight to the hospital without delay.

You could be saving yourself a lot of pain later on. Also, the sooner you go to the hospital, the stronger your case will be in a claims court.

Revisit the Site to Confirm What Went Wrong 

You may think you know what happened, but you should always go back to confirm what it was that caused slip and fall accidents.

Maybe it was a wet floor without a warning sign or maybe it was an icy entranceway or some falling debris. Whatever the cause, go back and re-trace your steps.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs. All of this will help you remember things more clearly when you’re in court.

Be as Discreet as Possible 

Once you feel ready to make a claim and get the compensation you deserve, keep it to yourself. Do not post about your case on social media, do not discuss it with strangers, and do not get into arguments with the responsible party.

Lack of discretion costs money in slip and fall cases. Don’t give a statement to an insurance company until you’ve spoken to an attorney. Make sure not to place blame on anybody in public.

Document Everything 

Of course, your attorney will be there to gather the evidence, but you should be doing the same.

Any document related to your slip and fall may prove useful. This includes medical bills, correspondence with the place where you had the accident, and even taxi receipts from the day.

All correspondence with attorneys should be saved, as should any correspondence with witnesses or people who were with you when you fell.

Find Slip and Fall Lawyers 

If you’ve taken the right steps and have a solid case, your next step is to reach out to personal injury attorneys.

Explain exactly what happened and they will be more than happy to walk you through the process and fight for you to get the payment you need.

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