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Cruise Safety

With the holidays quickly approaching and friends and families taking vacations left and right, it is important to keep in mind safety tips when traveling, especially while cruising. Personal safety while traveling is always your responsibility. Follow these cruise safety tips below to ensure a safe and exciting vacation:

Check the cruise report card:

Did you know that ships get report cards just like we used to receive in school? The best reports come from the Vessel Sanitation Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which regularly checks cruise ships for their cleanliness, repair, food prep, water quality, hygiene and many other things. Check your ship’s report card before booking your vacation!

Use the ship’s safe:

Leaving your expensive belongings at home may be the best idea, but if you must bring your valuable belongings on the ship be sure to make use of the safe in your room. Keep most of your cash and all valuables (jewelry, tickets, passports) in the ship’s safe.

Watch what you eat:

Don’t be reckless with what you eat on the ship; if you are lactose intolerant on land you will be on the ship as well!

Watch the booze:

Alcohol will always compromise your judgment, perception and behavior. Don’t let your drinking get out of hand, drinking on a moving ship is not the same thing as drinking on land!


Be careful and wary on your shore excursions. Although the cruise lines organize shore trips, there are many other options that are cheaper and may do the exact same things.

Report anything suspicious:

Your safety is your own responsibility! If something looks odd to you, it probably is.

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