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Common Slip and Fall Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you might think, with nearly one million occurring annually. While some result in minor injuries, others are considerably worse, resulting in broken bones and even death. Though they can happen anywhere from a simple trip to the grocery store to an extravagant cruise ship vacation, the sad fact is many slip and fall accidents are preventable. Let’s learn about the most common incidents and how you can avoid them.

Weather as the Culprit

Slip and fall accidents that occur as a result of weather are common. The truth is you can’t control the weather. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and even hurricanes can wreak havoc in and around property often resulting in hazards that turn in to accident sites. Businesses, including restaurants, shops, hotels, and more are responsible for sidewalks, parking areas, entryways, and interiors free of debris and water which can create slip and fall hazards. If you find yourself out and about before, during, or after a storm, be cautious as you go from place to place and avoid areas that might cause issues. Of course, you can’t always see slippery spots and falls with injuries do occur. Should you sustain an injury as a result of a weather-related slip and fall as a result of negligence on the part of a business, help is available for you.

Wet, Uneven Surfaces – With or Without Weather Issues

More than 50 percent of all slip and fall accidents are caused by wet or uneven surfaces. While some of these are the result of weather conditions, others are not. Slip and fall accidents from wet or uneven surfaces can happen anywhere – homes, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, cruise ships, industrial locations, and other public places. In business environments, housekeeping and maintenance are responsible for seeing that surfaces are safe. When problems arise which could cause injuries, they should be posted for the public and fixed quickly. These issues could be the result of loose flooring, torn carpets, damaged sidewalks, mopped floors, cluttered hallways, poor construction, spills, water from pools, moisture from gyms, and other factors. Like slip and falls due to weather, slip and fall injuries due to wet or damaged surfaces often indicate negligence on the part of the business owner.

Improper Training – Failure to Clean and Maintain Property Properly

In some cases, slip and fall accidents are a result of the improperly trained staff of businesses. For example, one common type of a slip and fall injury comes when damage surfaces such as broken tiles, loose flooring, or remodeling clutter and debris results in simply not repairing the issue or completing the project in the first place. Any area which is unsafe for clients, customers, or guests, should always be marked for safety until it can be taken care of properly. Another common issue is improper cleaning and maintenance procedures. Slip and fall injuries can result from freshly mopped areas, over-polished flooring, spills which aren’t cleaned up quickly, or water tracked about by guests and not addressed promptly. In any case, business owners are responsible for the proper training of employees in both the cleaning and maintenance of their property.

If You’re A Victim of a Slip and Fall Accident

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