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Camel Pays Big Bucks in Personal Injury Case

thinkstockphotos-598786082The Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, VA is a drive-thru zoo, which can give visitors a more personal experience with the animals and see them in their natural habitat. Earlier in the month, they also reached a settlement with a 10-year-old girl’s family after a camel bit her during their trip to the park.

In May of 2015, the Holland family visited the park for a birthday party, but left with more than just a goodie bag. During their drive through the park, their young daughter had the window down in order to feed the animals and suffered serious injuries to her forearm after being bitten by the camel.

After filing a personal injury case with the Virginia Safari Park, the Holland family will receive $155,000 as settlement for this case. Since the Holland’s daughter is not an adult, she will not receive any compensation until she is 18. Around $40,000 will go towards the medical expenses for her arm and trauma care. Once she turns 18, she will receive $10,000 and then after she turns 21 she will receive $1,000 each month for 12 years.

In parks like these, customers are encouraged to drive with the windows down or ride on wagons in order to feed animals like zebra, llamas, and camels. This was one of the biggest reasons they were able to reach a settlement like this, the child and family did nothing wrong. The zoo is not reconsidering the drive-thru aspect of their park because this is one of the first incidents with these animals.

Filing a personal injury case can be tiring, but worth it. It’s better not to wait so that you can get the most out of the insurance company. If you are considering filing a claim contact us and we’ll be happy to help.