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Calypso Water Park in Hot Water after Their Latest Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Calypso Water Park is Canada’s largest water theme park, with 100-acres, there is fun for everyone. However, Rony Jermani, a hairstylist from Ottawa, has filed against Calypso Water Park claiming that he broke his ankle as he was exiting the children’s pool. Jermani is now attempting to sue the company for $3.2 million dollars for this slip and fall case. This case will be the largest claim sought against the Calypso Water Park company.

Water park slidesJermani states that he dislocated and fractured his left ankle from slipping on the steps that lead out of the children’s pool. He plans to sue the company because he thinks that the water park was careless since they didn’t install handrails and did not ensure that the pool surfaces were safe.

Jermani is the owner of Rony Jermani Salon and Spa in Greenboro and claims that he is losing business because of this injury. Since the ankle did need surgery, he feels the pain in his ankle and the bottom of his foot that lowers his tolerance for walking too. In addition, he is not able to work as because of the tenderness while standing. Jermani says that the water park should have signs mentioning the danger of the pool surface and the steps for the wading pool.

Jermani’s lawsuit is asking for $3 million for his future loss of business and $200,000 for his suffering and loss of life enjoyment due to the pain. Calypso Water Park believes that the claims are excessive and that the court will dismiss the case as it has with similar lawsuits in the past. This company has had 14 personal injury lawsuits filed against them since 2011.

Calypso Water Park does plan to defend this case and any slip and fall case because of their proactive safety program and their ability to adhere to the highest of industry standards. The company also claims, “Every attraction has its own set of user rules and safety procedures which are clearly explained by its staff and described in on-site signage.”

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