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4 Weirdest Personal Injury Claims

1800 ask free personal injury lawyerPersonal injury is an area of law that covers any damages that a person may receive, ranging from traffic accidents to malfunctioning products and even bizarre daily incidents. You can pursue this type of claim whenever you experience an injury in Florida due to someone else’s negligence. Indeed, people have sought legal action for some pretty unfortunate and wild accidents.

Though some personal injury claims are straightforward, such as slipping and falling because of a neglected staircase, people have sued businesses and fought for compensation following some pretty unusual circumstances. Here are four strange personal injuries that have happened around the world.

England: Ceiling Collapses on Teenage Customer

In Manchester, England, teenager Charlotte Gower was visiting Manchester’s Arndale Centre (a local shopping center) when ceiling debris collapsed and fell on her. A single piece of the plaster weighed more than 2,000 pounds, and if not for a clothes rail, she could have been killed. After an hour, emergency responders freed her from the rubble. Amazingly, she experienced only minor injuries.

Massachusetts: Handgun Explodes While in Use

In Springfield, Massachusetts, a personal injury claim is being leveraged against Glock Inc., the manufacturer of a firearm that exploded when the user pulled the trigger. The company claims that these events do happen and that many factors may be at play. This is an example of a products liability claim. The plaintiff will also have to explore the companies that made and sold the ammo to see if negligence on their part could have contributed to the accident.

Israel: Weatherman Sued on Rainy Day

In Israel, a weatherman incorrectly predicted a sunny afternoon. It rained that day — which is nothing more than a minor inconvenience for most people. However, a local woman had counted on the report and planned for sunshine. The weather turned, and she ultimately got sick because she was caught out in the rain. She argued that this happened because of the inaccurate weather report and sought $1,000 in damages to cover her missed work and medication costs.

Florida: Man Swims With Killer Whale

Florida locals will remember the story of a 27-year-old man who hid from park security at Sea World and waited until the gates closed. Why? He wanted a one-on-one swim with a killer whale. He got his wish, but the encounter turned out to be deadly. Unfortunately, he entered the tank with a whale that had not been trained for human contact. He was killed by what was deemed “the whale’s horseplay.” The man’s parents filed a wrongful death claim against the amusement park, but the case was later dropped.

Pursue a Personal Injury Claim in Florida

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, there is a long road ahead of you. Remember to get the contact information of witnesses and to record as much information (including taking photographs) of the event as possible. This may prove vital to winning your claim. When you’re able, contact a Florida attorney for help understanding Florida’s statute of limitations, comparative negligence laws, and other regulations that will affect your personal injury claim.